"Dvije Zvjezdice" Rereleased
Tajči Remakes a Classic

Known and loved by many at a very young age, Tajči sparked a wave of optimism and hope for her country, former Yugoslavia, in the early '90s. Her infectious energy and music rocked a nation. The release of her first hit single "Hajde da Ludujemo" (Let's go Crazy") ignited a wave of optimism and excitement for the region, and thanks to the love of her fans, her records reached platinum and diamond sales. Tajči dolls were made in her honor and children were named after the star that captured the hearts of her people.

Now, nearly 20 years later, she is ready for a reunion concert tour to her home country. To celebrate, she is rereleasing one of her favorite songs of all time: "Dvije Zvjezdice." Widely regarded as one of the best pop ballads in the history of ex-Yugo music, this is a song that resides deep in Tajči's heart and one that still reminds her why she loves to sing in her home country.

With coproduction efforts led by the powerhouse duo of Chris Gero of Yamaha Entertainment Group and GRAMMY Award winning Bryan Lenox, the true beauty of this nostalgic song has been preserved and heightened. This is the first of several singles that will be released in conjunction with her upcoming Ludujemo s Dusom Tour scheduled for Spring 2012.

Five cities, amazing music, great productions, a celebration of the past, and a look to the future - Tajči is going back to sing, dance, celebrate and rejoice with the country that will forever be her home.