Letter from Chris Gero  -  Summer 2014

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In 1974, Yamaha released its first synthesizer, the SY-1. In the years that followed, we continued to lead industry innovation to bring musicians the DX7 in 1983, one of the most commercially successful electronic keyboards. The company struck gold again with the Motif in 2001, which has become a staple on touring rigs since its introduction.

These synthesizer milestones don’t only mark success for Yamaha, but for the musical achievements of all the artists who’ve relied on our synthesizers throughout the years. Talented players like Stevie Wonder, Michael McDonald, Chick Corea, Sara Bareilles, Elton John and Alicia Keys have all relied on these instruments at one time or another to fulfill their dreams.

Now 40 years after our first synthesizer debut, we are celebrating with the release of the Motif XF Music Production Synthesizers in pristine white. This exclusive anniversary model includes a flash memory expansion and vintage Yamaha synthesizer content on a USB drive, and you can view it up close and personal on these pages with our cover girl Christina Perri, one of the most    r  e cent artists to favor the anniversary Motif.

You can also see this white Motif on the stages around the world with Stan Lewis (Patti LaBelle), Dave Schulz (Goo Goo Dolls and Berlin), Erskin Hawkins (Eminem and Rihanna), Brett Tuggle (Fleetwood Mac), and Salo Loyo (Luis Miguel), to name a few.

We continue to push boundaries with our synthesizer technology because we have a duty to provide inspirational instruments to all of you: the child musicians, the part time musicians, the hobbyist musicians, the professional musicians and the lifetime musicians.

You’ve heard me say it before, but it bears repeating. At Yamaha Entertainment Group, we are artists; we are music; we are Yamaha. I can’t wait to see what the next 40 years has in store for our synthesizers and what it inspires you to create.

Join us in our journey and visit us at www.YamahaEntertainmentGroup.com, or engage with us on Facebook and Twitter. We’re always glad to hear from you, and I thank you for your endless support.

Kindest Regards,
Chris Gero

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