Letters from Chris Gero  -  Winter 2011

chris gero headshotOne decade and 20 issues later, All Access has certainly grown up quite a bit since its debut. We view this publication as our opportunity to put our best foot forward on behalf of our talented artists, and we don’t take that lightly. We have constantly strived to keep the publication fresh, beautiful and interesting.

The size, the design, and the layout…it has all changed over the years. But one thing has never changed: the focus. All Access is all about our artists. GRAMMY® Award winners, chart toppers, Oscar® winners, music directors, record breakers, fresh faces and legends––they are all an integral part of music and therefore an integral part of our magazine.

It’s hard to believe we’ve had the honor to freeze moments in time with Elton John, Alicia Keys, Jeff

Lynne, Barry Manilow, Sarah McLachlan, James Newton Howard, Norah Jones, Questlove, and countless others. We consider every opportunity to photograph our artists a gift.Therefore, we hope this special edition of the past 10 years of All Access is a little present for you.

Not only are we presenting some never-before-seen photography, but in this issue we also document when and where each photo shoot took place, and in some instances, we’ve provided you with a little commentary from the set.This beautiful, visual representation of a sampling of our artist roster is a testament to the talent we have the pleasure of working with and representing every day.

And speaking of changing with the times, there is one more major change that is taking place in our offices in Nashville,TN. Our interaction with our artists is reaching a whole new level under the direction of the new department, Yamaha Entertainment Group.

We will still photograph our artists. We will still provide them with tour support, quality instruments, piano logistics, marketing support, and serve as their best friend for all thingsYamaha related. Only now, we’re taking artists under our wing and recording their music in our brand new studio in Franklin,TN. Plus we’re making their website, handling publishing and licensing, orchestrating brand alliances, serving as a retail outlet, and helping artists achieve creative and financial success. In short, we’re standing behind the music.

Visit us at www.Facebook.com/YamahaEntertainmentGroup to learn all about us, and stay tuned for more details this summer.

Kindest Regards,
Chris Gero

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