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IN LATE 2002, NORAH JONES WAS RIDING A WAVE of popularity spawned from her mega hit debut album Come Away With Me A few months later, she would take home GRAMMY¨ Awards for Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Best Pop Vocal Album, Song of the Year, and the coveted Best New Artist title. At the time of the photo shoot, she was in Florida, rehearsing for upcoming television appearances and her continuing "Come Away with Me Tour," which began May 29, 2002 and wouldn't wrap until Feb. 10, 2004.
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OUR 16TH ISSUE OF ALL ACCESS represented a time of change and to celebrate, we debuted a brand new look and feel to the magazine. We went from an 8.5x11, thin stock, glossy publication to a 9x12 heavy stock format with varying finishes. In addition, we also made the decision to feature less artists per issue, putting more focus on the beautiful photography and giving more room for the story to breathe. We really wanted our artists and our product to shine.
Tuesday, 10 June 2014 23:53

Letter from Chris Gero - Winter 2013

cg headshotThis past summer, we were able to diversify Yamaha Corporation of America with the launch of Yamaha Entertainment Group of America—a new division whose focus is to embody a boutique, one-stop shop record label under one of the most eminent brands in the business. The idea was to work entirely in-house with our artists to record, produce, brand, publish, market, publicize and sell original audio and video content. Not only did Yamaha Entertainment Group bring about a new way for us to become more involved in our artists’ careers, but it also brought about a way for our artists to tie in to the strength of the Yamaha brand.

Since the launch, Yamaha Entertainment Group has been more successful than we could have ever thought possible. Our first signed artist, LEOGUN, has been touring the world and is holding steady in the top 50 of the Active Rock charts. We are also excited to announce a partnership with the legendary bassist Nathan East.

We continue to give our artists a voice by connecting them with a new audience base, by offering a variety of sweepstakes and fan experiences, and by engaging and promoting through social media and our partners in the music industry. We recently ran a promotion with Talenthouse that allowed aspiring producers to submit their remixed versions of LEOGUN’s single “Let’s Be Friends” to win the chance to record their own song at Yamaha’s state-of-the-art recording and filming studio in Franklin, Tennessee.

This thoroughly modern facility is a resource that Yamaha artists can utilize throughout the entire creative process, from recording sound and video to working on promotional projects. Beyond simply recording albums, the studio is being used as a space for in-house licensing, a setting for monthly webisodes, and more! This facility allows our artists to grow in the current music market in a truly unique way.

We want to continue to push the limits for our artists, bringing them closer to their music, their brand, and their audience. At Yamaha Entertainment Group, we are artists; we are music; we are Yamaha.

We look forward to what’s to come in 2013, a year that marks the 25th anniversary of Yamaha Corporation of America. Visit us at, or engage with us on Facebook and Twitter. We love hearing from you, and we truly appreciate your support.

Kindest Regards,
Chris Gero 
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Tuesday, 10 June 2014 23:34

Letter from Chris Gero - Summer 2012

cg headshotIntroducing: Yamaha Entertainment Group

This summer, we proudly introduce to you: Yamaha Entertainment Group. What is Yamaha Entertainment Group?

Yamaha Entertainment Group is part of Yamaha Corporation of America, the largest musical products manufacturer and one of the most respected brand names in the world. Yamaha Entertainment Group is simply everything about our artists. It is music, branding, marketing and public relations; it is record production, film & video production, content development, publishing, licensing, web and social media and much more.

It is a place that gives our artists a voice, a place to promote their careers, their music, their lives and their adventures. It is a place where they can be heard, be seen and connect with a global music community.

Our goal is to be a one-stop, cost effective boutique label that focuses on all aspects of branding the artist and creating the platform in which the artist can generate exposure and revenues. Fully encompassing, it not only includes recorded music but also every aspect that surrounds the recording process including film & video, marketing and promotional activities, all with the power and caché of the Yamaha brand name.

At Yamaha, we not only stand behind the instruments artists use to make their music, but we stand behind the artists’ music. Yamaha is the champion of the musician, period.

For the last 12 months, we have been busy putting into motion the many elements that will comprise Yamaha Entertainment Group:We have recently opened a state-of-the-art recording and film facility in Franklin, TN and are currently working on a full length recording of the London based band Leogun in the first ever joint venture with Elton John and Rocket Entertainment. Over the course of the next two years, we expect a significant growth in content development and marketing opportunities with artists, and we look forward to sharing it all with you, the fans.

This is a monumental endeavor and a major milestone in the history of Yamaha. It is a natural and obvious synergy that clearly defines us as a stakeholder in the recorded music business and creates a much closer bond between our artists and us.

At Yamaha Entertainment Group, we are artists; we are music; we are Yamaha. Visit us at on August 1 to be a part of the action by watching a live stream from our official launch party at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, where we will present to you: Leogun.

Kindest Regards,
Chris Gero

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014 23:14

Letter from Chris Gero - Summer 2011

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 6.12.52 PM

Diversity of our Artists

There are a thousand reasons diversity is essential in life. For us here at Yamaha, it’s simple: diversity allows us to stretch our wings, expand our horizons, and create music for all.

The heart of the Yamaha line, our legendary piano, lends itself to diversity. This one simple, elegant instrument is played by thousands of different artists in hundreds of different ways – though it must be noted, none more glamorously than the show stopping new piano we designed and handcrafted to be the centerpiece of Elton John’s “The Million Dollar Piano” show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

But Yamaha is more than just pianos, and from the symphony hall to the Superbowl halftime show and on every stage in between, Yamaha instruments are being played by artists from every genre.

All Access magazine has long been a wonderful tool to showcase the extraordinary range of talented individuals in the Yamaha family. That’s why in the pages of this issue, you’ll see pianists featured next to drummers, jazz artists amongst rock legends, and seasoned music directors alongside a tween YouTube sensation.

But we’re taking diversity to a whole new level this year. In a first for our distinguished company, we’ve added a member of the canine family to our roster: Rowlf the Dog. He’s not just any old mutt, either. A rocking musician beloved by millions, he and his Muppet friends are about to blow up the holiday box office when the new movie The Muppets debuts this Thanksgiving. You can read more about Rowlf in his interview on page 20. We’re so proud of him that we are offering you the chance to win tickets to the premiere this November, as well as an AvantGrand piano, similar to the model seen with him on the cover.

Enter to win a chance to see Rowlf the Dog’s big screen comeback at The diversity of Yamaha’s artist roster is expanding into uncharted territories, and we couldn’t be more excited to continue to share these stories with you.

Kindest Regards,
Chris Gero

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014 15:35

TODD ALSUP - Piano Pop Perfectionist

MANY A CURRENT MUSICIAN HAS PLUNDERED his or her parents' record collection, finding inspiration in the warm vocals and soulful grooves of Stevie Wonder, Carole King, and Marvin Gaye. But it takes a special talent to transform those influences into something new.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014 15:31

ALI JACKSON JR. - The Pulse of Jazz

MANY HAVE CALLED JAZZ AMERICA'S GREATEST contribution to music, though jazz has rarely received the institutional support given to symphonic music, opera, and ballet. But Manhattan's Jazz at Lincoln Center organization, with its purpose-built concert venues and all-star big band directed by trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, has done much to give a great art form the respect it deserves. And the man who puts the pulse in this extraordinary ensemble is drummer Ali Jackson, Jr.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014 15:26

STEVE PORCARO - All This and Toto Too

STEVE PORCARO FOUND SUCCESS EARLY and never lost it. After serving briefly as Boz Scaggs's backing band, he and a group of young musicians christened themselves Toto and launched a long string of platinum albums, generating such classic rock staples as "Hold the Line," "Rosanna," and "Africa."